Walther PPQ Knife

440 Stainless Steel

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    The new Walther PPQ knives were inspired in their design by the pistols in the Walther PPQ series. Their outstanding characteristics are excellent balance and serviceability. Thanks to their unique PPQ surface texture, both knives have the same comfortable handling as the pistols they are named after. Users have a secure grip in any situation.

    The anthracite coated spear point blade, made of 440 stainless steel, has a liner lock and a flipper that permits the knife to be quickly opened with a single hand while protecting one’s fingers. Grooves on the back of the blade keep the thumb from slipping so that the knife can be guided accurately.
    Artikel-Nr.   5.0746 Frei verkäuflich
    Länge223 mm
    Material440 Stainless Steel
    Gewicht140 g
    Klingenlänge95 mm



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